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2020 saw a new product line-up for Samsung, the Galaxy Z Flip being their flagship. The Galaxy Z Flip is the world’s second folding smartphone and the second released by Samsung, making it a revolutionary step in the smartphone industry.

As with the Galaxy Fold 5G, Samsung asked me to create an intuitive product display page for each of their products. This time however, the display page had to comply with multiple reseller’s websites, including EE, Vodafone and Carphone Warehouse. As all these products would share similar branding, I built a modular production and delivery packaging framework using Node JS and Gulp.

The framework is a build system, in which I created each section of the product display page as its own isolated component. Once everything was ready, the build process compiled the components into the individual order specified. When the client had approved the project, they were able to run a delivery task that stripped out the unnecessary data and packaged it into a format universally accepted by the resellers.



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